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Welcome To My Blog: Why I Created This Blog


My name is Kate Eunah Lee, and I am a first-year medical student at Columbia medical school. Please check my “About Me” page for my personal bio.

Here, I’d like to tell you what this blog is about.


Medical school is probably not the best time for me to start a blog. But then again,

is there ever a “best” time to pursue a passion, to commit to a goal? 


So I’m starting this, a week before my first final exams in my first year of medical school.

Ironically, the start of this blog represents the end of a year of wishy-washy daydreaming intermixed with fear about a personal blog, the result of an ungodly number of hours devoted to setting this up, and the emission of a sigh looking at my new credit card bill. The launch of this blog represents my promise to myself to keep my hobbies alive and sadly but excitingly, a trade of my sleep in exchange for this extra fun outlet.

One thing about me: I like words.


When we’re busy, we run the risk of letting our hobbies subside.

I want to keep my hobbies afloat, alive.


These hobbies are:

  • makeup
  • analyzing poetry, writing poetry and prose
  • music


And as you can quickly see, these translate to the categories in the menu bar.


The overarching theme across all of my hobbies is finding beauty in life, whether it be in creating beautiful looks, in valuing oneself, in a poem, in music, or in the city.


Hopefully, at least one of these hobbies of mine has something of interest to you.


As for makeup,

my aim is to create different “looks” for the different events I attend, and document the techniques I used and why.

Analyzing poetry:

It’s a hobby I developed in high school. I graduated from an International Baccalaureate program at a high school known in the area for its strong focus in the humanities. I feel as though I spent 90% of my time working on papers and projects for English class. By the second year of analyzing texts, I developed a fondness for analyzing how literary techniques conveyed meaning. What I learned over those four years completely reshaped how I looked at the world. I took a poetry course during my undergraduate years at Harvard and loved it, but was too busy to explore this hobby further due to my being a pre-medical student and pursuing other extracurriculars. I hope to develop my hobby further through this blog.

Writing poetry and prose:

I am a private writing tutor and enjoy writing short essays and poetry. I wish to document my past projects and write new creative content for your enjoyment. I might choose to write a note about why I used what techniques, because I find so much enjoyment out of that, and hopefully you will, too. I definitely want to keep writing and improving.


I started playing flute in 3rd grade, and was in orchestras until I started college (see my LinkedIn page for the buried history of my accomplishments). I feel so much guilt because I stopped playing enough and my skills are continuously regressing! I want to play more, and part of my promise with this blog is to try and keep this hobby alive.

I am slowly learning to play guitar and sing. It’s a very recent hobby. Hopefully I can share some of this with you someday. #workinprogress



I invite you to join me in this exploration. Let’s grow together.





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