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I gravitate towards you

I gravitate towards you

“She’s really funny
I think I gravitate towards funny people,”
I explain.

Yesterday you caught me while I was drinking
Water of course, what do you mean
And I aspirated it
“You.. you okay there?”
Cough laugh cough

But as the semester draws to a close,
I realize it’s not the funny
That keeps me close.

I feel comfortable
To say anything I want
Racism, sexism, difficult subjects
To say I’m annoyed by people, things, life
To say I’m happy or sad
Because, and therefore.
I’m comfortable.

© Kate Eunah Lee, 12/17/2017


Author’s note: I made a few friends in med school who made me feel this way. I aimed to paint a picture of a typical, random conversation in the second stanza. I chose to end the first line in the second stanza with “drinking,” to make it almost sound like I was pointing to alcohol, with the second line hinting that the other person is there teasing me about just that. Here, the other person makes a slight appearance because I insinuate they are there. Then, the sudden interjection “You… you okay there?” signals the presence of the other person while contributing to the natural, not-contrived nature of the conversation by being suddenly integrated into the poem. Third stanza – repetition of “close” in different definitions. Last stanza – first line could be stand-alone – “I feel comfortable” – and it would make sense. Or, with the lack of punctuation at the end and grammatical continuation into the second line “To say anything I want,” it makes sense too. Both meanings hold true. I point out really difficult topics to discuss – “racism, sexism… annoyed by people” – in a series of lines to make all of these *difficult* topics *easily flow* in an integrated fashion. I include “Because, and therefore” to express how I can even comfortably explain why I’m happy/sad and the consequences of that.
Sometimes, difficult conversations or conversations about others can be healthy. I bet some of you can relate.

Thanks for reading!


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