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“I can’t read you”

“I can’t read you”

Someone once said to me,
“I can’t read you.
I can read most people
but not you.”

You can’t read me
because I’m not giving you my all.
You realize you can’t read me
because you wish so badly you could.

Why must you try?
Live in the moment like I do.



© Kate Eunah Lee, 12/24/2017


Author’s note:

The fun techniques to point out here are:

Organization of stanzas: Voice changes.
Stanza 1- other person speaking
Stanza 2- speaker responding
Stanza 3- speaker challenging the other person / punchline (couplet)

Within stanzas, length of lines differ, which provides a nice interplay and exchange, I feel:
Stanza 1- long line, short line, long line, short line, where the short lines express problems.
Stanza 2- short line, long line, short line, long line, where the long lines are explanations.

Last stanza is a couplet that challenges the point of the entire encounter. Perhaps you’ve had a similar conversational experience with someone.


Hope you enjoyed this short one!



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