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Focus on yourself

Focus on yourself

“Focus on yourself, and everything else will fall into place,”
A friend says.

I try, I distract
I think I try.

Going to bed feeling down.

Sun up,
Snooze too many times
Turn the music on
Songs from that time
Am I thinking
Am I trying
Am I making it worse for myself

For myself.
I need to dwell
For myself
On myself.

At a certain point
The rashes
Are not worth it.

© Kate Eunah Lee, 12/15/2017

Author’s Note:

  • A meditation on the introductory quote. In my opinion, starting with a quote signals that a meditation is to come.
  • Starting a stanza with “Acne” to create a harsh transition mirroring the harshness of the symptoms of stress. Descriptive phrases that paint a picture without bothering to follow proper grammar conventions, perhaps adding to the theme of struggle in this poem.
  • Hypotheticals (“probably”) and repeated questions “Am I thinking / Am I trying / Am I making it worse…” to add to the mood of confusion. Repetition of “try,” various phrases, “for myself” and “myself” to add to the elementary, stepwise nature of these organic thoughts that don’t try at all to be more/smarter than what they are as they exist.
  • A full picture of the steps of dealing with a stressor, with a resolution at the end “The rashes / Are not worth it.”
  • A contrast between a mental/emotional effort to get over stress (i.e. the effort to “try” and the mental confusion of whether the trying is working i.e. repetition of “Am I”) versus the physical manifestations of stress harshly appearing “Acne / Rashes…”

At least, that’s how I wrote it.

Moral: We all know that we should focus on ourselves first, and not worry about others who might bother us, but it’s hard to not experience social stress. I wanted to evince this difficulty.

Thanks for reading!



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