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A Good Lecturer

A Good Lecturer

Let me tell you what makes
A good lecturer.

A good lecturer
Introduces him or herself and lists
Our goals.

Our goals
After which he or she launches
Into a story.

In the story,
The lecturer carefully and logically builds
To big, pithy points.

Big, pithy points,
He or she repeats and expands
In multiple ways.

In multiple ways,
The lecturer applies and describes
The consequences.

The consequences
With which he or she leaves
The class.


© Kate Eunah Lee, 12/14/2017


Author’s note:

I always enjoy analyzing text for techniques, and as a fun exercise (#nerd) I wish to point out a few of the techniques I used:

  • Entire poem mimics/mirrors an actual lecture
  • Repetition (third line of each stanza is more or less the first line of the subsequent stanza)
  • Symmetrical/circular structure within stanzas (e.g. middle line always longest, middle line containing verbs) and throughout the poem (e.g. there is an arch – build-up to “big, pithy points” and subsiding after that to an end)
  • Chose to use a third person mysterious speaker, just because I thought it provides some anonymity and shifts the focus onto the content of the lecture.

Source of idea for poem:

  • I’m in lecture too much hahaha


Thanks for reading!



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