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Imperfection of context

Imperfection of context

We think we don’t know enough words
But even if we do, they are never enough:
Words are merely rigid blocks we put together,
Legos we connect and present to one another.
Words are filters created by our society, sieves,
We lose a little of what we mean, innocent thieves.

Majors and minors in university, like words,
Are blocks in which we place ourselves.
Some of us naturally slip in between,
But must choose a block that’s been.
Degrees and careers, too, are buckets, and we
Fail to uncover what’s below, and choose from what we see.

My stomach knew when I flew by without practice;
My heart’s fluttered when my talents were tapped.
But there was and is no guarantee;
I mainly chose from what I could see.
Two diverging paths I see, that a few have merged,
A less trodden path to revive loves submerged.


© Kate Eunah Lee, 2/16/2018


Author’s note: A brief reflection from this week! That majors and words are merely imperfect categories has been a thought that I’ve enjoyed thinking about in college.

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