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Hanging by a paw

Hanging by a paw

The cat leaps high onto
The top of the bookshelf.
Glances side to side and down
The world is below.

What should it conquer?
The wooden slab where humans worked, too dull.
The fluffy chair, too low.
Oh look, a golden sphere
Emerging from another wooden slab that humans pushed.
A bit far, but leapable.

The cat leaps far and slings,
Its paw clutching the neck of the golden sphere.
Paws are made to clutch
So the cat swings like a pendulum
And hangs.

But the cat can’t see
That the shiny golden sphere
Was actually a brass knob and
The wooden slab, the door, is locked.

© Kate Eunah Lee, 1/24/18


Author’s Note:
So I’m going to take it easy on the analysis, to save me time today. Also, I’m a bit conflicted whether to share because my mentors told me different things about including my analyses on my platform. Perhaps I’ll hint at what techniques I used, and also hint at possible meanings, but not explain thoroughly like I’ve been doing in the past. I don’t mind writing down techniques and analysis because nerding out on that is the reason why poetry gives me joy.

I’m a sucker for structure. I used the structure of the poem to mimic movement contained in the poem. Use your imagination to visualize the movement!
I played with voice a bit. Some words hint at the cat’s voice, while other words suggest the third person speaker is presenting everything.
Themes of uncertainty and the unnatural, idea of natural role… which provides contrast to the feeling of invincibility at start of poem.


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