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My med school prom makeup & dress

My med school prom makeup & dress

So. Med school prom was a blast. The theme was ~Gatsby~, so I thought, why not play with rich cream, golden, and bronzey hues? Paired with flashy gold jewelry, a light pink/cream dress with frills, and golden glittery slippers, this look was intended to exemplify ~decadence~.


For my face:

Tips – I wanted to shine, so I overdid moisturizer + sunscreen and opted for a liquid dewy foundation. I have dry skin, so if you have oily skin then you might not need to do this! I doubled a cream-based highlighter with some powder on top so that the highlight is blinding. I overdid it because it would show in pictures and the theme is overkill anyways haha. Under my highlight on my cheek, there’s a gradient of blush then bronzer. The blush is a peachy one since I’m playing with golden hues, and the bronzer is a little on the warm side too. I went for a bronze metallic lip. This one from Colourpop is amazing and comfortable. Would highly recommend! False lashes for ~drama~ and since my natural lashes are short ha.


Key products used to color my face:

Eyes: Colourpop super shock shadows in Stargirl (an ultra-glittery light brown, more cool toned though), Slay Bells (an ultra-glittery dark brown… which doesn’t show up too dark though, I wanted darker), Game Face (true copper, really pigmented!), a random dark brown to deepen the corners of my eyes since Slay Bells wasn’t dark enough!

Highlight: Colourpop Lunch Money, topped with Becca Champagne Pop – doubled up on these to really SHINE for the Gatsby theme :). Another TIP – I usually just use whatever highlighter I’m using that day for right under my eyebrows, instead of using eyeshadow. Works. And fast. Haha.

Bronzer: Body Shop 01 (discontinued? but just grab a bronzer that’s just a few shades darker than your face. I like using two bronzers. This one is my “normal” one that acts as a SLIGHT natural shadow because it’s only a few shades darker than my face. For party nights, I’d top it with another bronzer that’s multiple shades darker.). On this instance, I used Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster in medium-dark haha.

Lips: Colourpop Man Eater ultra metallic lip. An amazing formula.


I got my dress from a boutique near Ewha in Korea I believe, in 2012. Wore it once in college and brought it back again!

Necklace/choker is from Nordstrom. Earrings are old… I don’t remember. Hair piece is from Korea.

I had my hair in braids during the day, and just curled the front… because I’m lazy and you mainly see the front in pictures anyways haha. Use hairspray to hold the curling action from the braids in! My hair took ~5 minutes total haha.

The makeup photographed really well!


Hope you enjoyed!



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