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Hire me as your writing tutor!

I started tutoring in writing (IB, AP, and Honors English) at my International Baccalaureate High School’s Writing Center for two years in high school. After that, I’ve been tutoring in writing and SAT on and off.

I can tutor in IB English (did HL), AP English Literature and Language (5’s on both), general writing, essay-editing, and SAT Reading Comprehension/Writing (got a 2400 on my SAT back in 2011).

Ask me via email – – for pricing and any inquiries. Pricing is pretty steep because I value my experience, skills, and time. Please check my LinkedIn for my experiences, college, and graduate school.

Logistics: I can Skype, Google Hangout, or FaceTime for the tutoring session.

Note: I do NOT do MCAT tutoring as of now because writing tutoring allows me to have more fun with my tutee with all the creativity and variation involved! So, it’s less burdensome and honestly quite fun to add to my busy schedule.