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~Havana Nights~ Makeup!

~Havana Nights~ Makeup!

Woot woot, a girl acting 100x cuter than she actually is. Sound familiar? 2018. Welcome!

But are you a girl going to a tropical-themed party who wants some ideas? If so, read on!


I paired the tropical flower-print dress with a flower-print headband (I got these headbands on Amazon a while ago, they have a wire in them that allow them to fit to your head size however tiny or huge!). As for jewelry, chose gold over silver because somehow that just feels more tropical to me! Silver feels icy ~brrrr~


Now for the makeup:

Chose glow over matte, and rubbed in a cream blush (used a Tarte palette) by patting the cream blush with a beauty blender sponge that I use only for blush (otherwise you’d ruin foundation!) and then patting that into my skin at the apples of my cheeks. A cream blush would look like a blush from within. Then, to make that look even more natural/blended, you can go over with a powder a shade ish lighter than the cream blush to top that. Then you achieve a gradient with both a blush-from-within that’s blended with the rest of your transforming face! How fun!

Chose warm shades a little darker than that blush for my eyeshadow. Put reds first, then blended it with a more yellow-orange for a sunset-like effect!

Emerging from winter, my skin was a bit paler. I personally adore the combination of a pale, clear, glossy skin look with dark eyebrows and a dark lip! So I went for that.


Ok now don’t hate me for this extraaaaaa pic. You can see more of the makeup!:


© Kate Eunah Lee, 7/18/2018

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