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Festive Christmas / Holiday Makeup

Festive Christmas / Holiday Makeup

Hi loves,

I know this is JUST cutting it close to Christmas (I was so busy 🙁 ), but I wanted to share a festive holiday makeup look I did for an epic 3-birthday / holiday party I helped host this season! Since the party was epically festive (what a term!), I HAD to match my makeup, no?

First, I’ll share two photos where I didn’t originally use any filters (I did adjust the photo – exposure/contrast at like +0.2 don’t ask me why – a little later, but the makeup should be most true to color here). One pic is above, one is below:


Second, I’ll share my VISION and what products were KEY to get my vision to fruition:

I wanted a glowing, glittery look with a holiday-y red lip.

As always, I moisturized, then used a SPF 50+ sunscreen primer from Korea (I like using Missha all-around Face Block (any variety works well) and TheFaceShop Natural Sun Eco ones).

Consider that^ – 2+ layers of moisture! I have crazy dry skin, so I need that. Based on your skin type, go easy on the layers.

Afterwards, I used a glowy foundation. I used the Body Shop Moisture Foundation in shade 02. Not sure if they still sell this, but really, just use a foundation that works for you that is on the glowy, non-matte side. Already, the layer of sunscreen/moisturizer underneath will help you. Another trick is to add 1-2 drops of argan oil (or other oil, not coconut though, it’s too greasy; I’d recommend argan or jojoba) to your foundation on your hand/spatula.

So, at that point, we have a glowy, but ALIEN-looking face because it is TOO MUCH ONE COLOR without natural pigmentation/shading.

Let’s add that.

I used Physician Formula’s Butter Bronzer (the normal color, not the light version) topped with their Bronze Booster (weirdly, their darker shade works for me). Just reach for a warm bronzer color :). Today, shimmery/glittery bronzer is a-ok!

I reached for a pink toned blush. Usually, I reach for coral for a healthy flush or muted colors for a natural look, but today, with a heavy face of makeup and glittery colors, I thought pink would be cute and cherubic :p

I reached for Colourpop Lunch Money highlighter. This highlighter is pretty creamy, and when I want INTENSE highlight, I can dab some POWDER highlighter on top of that, so I did just that – with theBalm Mary Lou-manizer (an old favorite).

For eyeshadow, I used Colourpop Dusk til Dawn shadow kit. Colors: Stargirl for all over lid, New Magic for right under my brow and in inner corners, Half Light to add some depth to my eye near its opening haha. This is all very extra, but it was a holiday party!

I added fake lashes for more drama.

For lips, I used Colourpop’s Star Crossed Ultra Matte Lip. It’s a deep/bold/bright berry red color. Their ultra mattes do dry out my lips a bit, but they’re still reliable enough and get on my drinks less, so it was fine. I didn’t really have to touch up at least!

Overall, a glowy face, with glittery eyes and highlight, cherubic cheeks (these don’t come up as much on photos, so if photos are your main concern add more blush), bright Christmasy lip.

Now, this sounds REALLY extra, but in person you look FINE, I tell you, it’s ok because it’s the holidays. AND it photographs SO WELL!

Here are some of my pictures from that night, taken by myself or friends. These have some commonly-used filters on them (i.e. Snapchat ones). As long as you practice with your makeup skills and your strokes are good, your photos should turn out good too <3

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