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About Me: A Quick Bio

About Me: A Quick Bio

My name is Kate Eunah Lee, and I’d describe myself as someone who loves people and is energetic about life.


I am a first-year medical student at Columbia. As a first-year, I am staying afloat in preclinical classes, getting ready to apply these concepts I learn in my second year rotating through the hospital. I hope to get involved in medical research and teaching in addition to practicing medicine.

Before medical school, I attended Harvard University, majoring in History of Science and minoring in Health Policy. Just to flaunt more, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with High Honors. During college, I spent roughly half of my time running clubs – I was Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Health Policy Review and Co-President of Team HBV at Harvard. I danced and choreographed for Asian-American Dance Troupe.

More about me can be found on my LinkedIn page [link].

Before all of that, first and foremost, I am an immigrant. I lived in South Korea until I was six years old. Then, I moved to Maryland before moving to Cambridge, MA for college. I am fluent in Korean and English, and took six years of Spanish classes.


We back-traced. Now to front-trace:


In third grade, I started playing flute.

In high school, I developed a love for analyzing literature and writing.

In late college, I began to experiment with artsy makeup looks.

In medical school, I realized the need for me to create an outlet and allocate time to take care of myself physically and mentally.

Also in medical school, I developed a desire to explore NYC while I am in the city.

These are my main hobbies that I want to share with you here. More about this blog can be found at this Welcome To My Blog page [link].

I also enjoy swimming. My other, less developed hobbies include: crabbing and fishing, playing guitar and singing, and golfing.


Feel free to check out my social media pages (sidebar and up top) to stay updated on my pursuits.







If I post any opinions that have anything to do with medicine, please note that none of this reflects the views of Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons or Harvard University. I am a first-year medical student and therefore you should not look here for medical advice – please see your own doctor!

All products mentioned on my blog have been purchased and chosen for mentioning by myself unless noted otherwise.

I have referral/affiliate links on the “referral” code page under the “about” and “contact” tabs on my page. Use of these links will benefit not only you, but me also.



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